Agus Teja Sentosa (Gus Teja) is a flute (Suling) maestro from a small village near Ubud, Bali. He is the youngest of four children from his parents I Nyoman Kadjil and Ni Wayan Darpini. He began playing the flute while attending elementary school, but also spent a lot of time during that period practicing the gamelan (Balinese traditional musical instrument). As the years progressed, his preoccupation with wind instruments   sparked a passion for learning all he could about wind instruments from around the world. Over the years, Gus Teja continued to challenge himself, creating new instruments to augment his passion for flutes. Gus Teja crafted artifacts ranging from whittled wood instruments to full-fledged bamboo flutes. He is constantly harmonizing his music, combining traditional and modern instruments to produce a unique signature blend.